What is the cost per person?

Our dinner deal includes two tapas, paella, signature salad, and artisan bread for $43 per person—not including tax, gratuity, and travel fees.  The cost varies slightly depending on your choice of ingredients. We also offer add-ons, substitutions, and å la carte options. We can create a menu that fits your event perfectly. Once we’ve discussed your preferences, we will give you an itemized estimate of your order so you know your exact cost. There will be no surprise charges on your final bill.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We require a 30% deposit before we can reserve the date for your event.

What is the minimum number of guests required and the maximum you can feed?

Paella is a crowd pleaser. Our minimum charge is for 35 guests Monday through Thursday, and 55 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but we can also feed several thousand.

What types of events do you cater?

You name it. From backyard get-togethers to upscale weddings and corporate events—and everything in between. We offer a buffet, family-style, or a sit-down meal, depending on your service preference.

Where do you cook the paella?

All our cooking is done onsite. This is just one of the advantages of paella catering over other types of caterers. We’re able to prepare everything in front of your guests, which means A.) they’re entertained and B.) they get to enjoy a delicious feast, freshly created just for them.

How do you serve the paella?

We usually serve the tapas arranged in paella pans, family-style. The paella lends itself well to a buffet, because guests enjoy seeing the display of colors in the large paella pans and asking Chef Stan questions. However, we can accommodate any service preference, just let us know.

What staff do you provide?

Our estimate always includes the staff required to prepare, cook, and serve the meal as a buffet. (This number varies depending on the menu and number of guests.) If you decide you’d like additional staff to set-up, serve a sit-down meal, bartend, and/or bus and break down tables, you can hire additional staff separately or through us. We’re happy to discuss this with you as you plan your event.

How far will you travel?

We’re located in Sonoma County, California. But we go by the motto, “Have pan, will travel.” Let us know where you are and we’ll look into the extra costs for travel and discuss them with you to see if it’s a viable option.

One last question: How in the heck do you pronounce paella?

Pie-Yay-Ya. Preferably with an extra Yay! in front of it.

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